Pit To Feel Like A 'New Character' In 'Kid Icarus: Uprising'

Kid Icarus Uprising

Online multiplayer options won't be the only new features coming to the Kid Icarus franchise when Nintendo brings it to the 3DS in "Kid Icarus: Uprising." Pit, the game's hero who was last seen in "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," will be getting a range of new attacks and weapons — enough that he may play like a different character altogether.

"All of this weapon variation makes you feel like you're playing the game with a brand new character because the feel is so varied when you use different weapons," the game's director Masahiro Sakurai told ONM.

In addition to shooting and striking shots, he mentioned a distinction between "charge shots and consecutive shots" for shooting weapons. Similar options sound like they'll be available for other items you pick up along the way.

"There's a wide variety of very different types of weapons," Sakurai explained. "Each one is very unique and presents a wide range of gameplay possibilities and a multitude of ways to approach different enemies with different weapons."

Though Pit did have power-ups in his original NES incarnation, Sakurai emphasized the increased size of Pit's arsenal for this outing. More doesn't always mean better, but Nintendo will hope it does in this case.

What kinds of attacks would you like to see Nintendo include in "Uprising"? How do you think the game will compare to the other "Kid Icarus" titles? Share your expectations in the comment section below.