'StarCraft 2' User-Created Maps Facing Deletion For 'Inappropriate Content'

StarCraft 2

Blizzard listens to "StarCraft 2" players on the Battle.net forums, but they also watch the custom maps they make for inappropriate and offensive content. Trademarks, racism and vulgarity are just a few of the ingredients liable to get your map deleted, so being aware of Blizzard's content policy can only help you attain wider fame and notoriety through map-making if you take a notion to share your work.

"While players are encouraged to share the maps they create through Battle.net, published maps are subject to review to ensure that they promote a fun and safe environment for all players," a Blizzard representative wrote on Battle.net thread discussing the subject.

That post came in response to a user complaining that their map was deleted without warning, stating that they would have preferred the option to fix the map to watching it be deleted outright.

"If a map is found to contain inappropriate content, it will be removed from Battle.net and the map maker will be contacted via email," the Blizzard rep explained. And that seems to be exactly what happened in this particular case.

So just remember, while making your landmass or mountain look like something you'd find in a health class anatomy textbooks, how you label it and which human organs you choose to construct could mean the difference between having that map around a day after you share it and waking up to a sternly worded note from Blizzard.

Do you think Blizzard's content policy is fair? What's the craziest user-made map you've encountered thus far in "SC2"? Share your responses in the comment section below.