'BioShock 2' Getting DLC You May Actually Want To Play

BioShock 2

I dug "BioShock 2," even if it wasn't a vast departure from the first game. Well, I dug the campaign. The multiplayer was pretty forgettable, and up until now, the multiplayer has been getting all the DLC love, with new maps, masks and ranks. Oh sure, there were the "Protector Trials," which were single-player challenges, but they didn't really capture the spirit of the single-player campaign, which was more about exploration and discovery than combat. Sounds like the next piece of "BioShock 2" DLC will offer up just that.

Called "Minerva's Den," the DLC will have you controlling a totally different character (with new weapons and a new plasmid), as you join forces with Brigid Tenenbaum to explore a new part of Rapture. New enemy types, including a brand new Big Daddy variant, have also been promised.

Now this is the sort of DLC I'm talking about! The magic of "BioShock" has always been about the world first and the combat second, and seeing the previous DLC focus on the latter rather than the former has been disappointing. Getting a look at a different part of Rapture from a new perspective is exactly what I've been looking for, and hopefully "Minerva's Den" will offer up something on the production level of the main game.

2K has said that this will be the final DLC pack for "BioShock 2," and it sounds like they're going out with a bang.