'Red Dead Redemption' Patch Makes The Wild West A Little Less Wild

Red Dead Redemption

The multiplayer component in "Red Dead Redemption" is fun...at times. When you're just hanging around with friends, completing missions and riding the plains, things are great. And then, suddenly, six random people will join your once-peaceful prairie and reap the whirlwind on anything and anyone they see. That mission you were trying to complete? That bandit you were trying to stop? Think again.

Thankfully Rockstar has added a few features to the latest update of the game, thereby making the experience slightly less reminiscent of a nightmare you keep having. For one, any player that gets a kill streak of 6 or more players without dying instantly becomes a "Public Enemy," thereby adding a $1000 bounty on their head (thus encouraging others to take him or her out by any means necessary). Hopefully this will discourage constant griefers.

The other new feature that Rockstar has added is the ability to select your spawn point if you've died three times at the hand of a player, so long as each death is within 80 seconds of the respawn. Basically if someone keeps spawn-camping you, you can choose to teleport elsewhere and dodge their shameless griefing for a while.

In addition to these two tremendously handy aspects, Rockstar managed to fix a few annoying bugs:

- Players now have the ability to swap shoulder buttons L1/L2, R1/R2.

- Players now have the ability to save game with cheats turned on.

- When playing the game with Region set to Asia, incorrect button prompts were displayed.

- Downloadable Outfits were not appearing in Change Outfits Menu after being unlocked.

- Invincibility cheat was turned off when activating Dead Eye.

- Occasionally, the player would not recover from being drunk.

- It was possible to have two player horses, with one permanently following the player.

- If equipped with the bandana, sliding doors would temporarily attach to the player's head.

Are these features enough to make Free Roam a bit less horrifying? Hop online and let us know!