'Half-Minute Hero' Sequel Coming To Japan

Hero 30 Second

If you enjoyed the throwback-style gameplay of last year's "Half-Minute Hero" on the PSP, you may be impressed by the quick turnaround between its 2009 premiere and the November 4 release date that's just been assigned to its sequel "Hero 30 Second." As the name implies, "30 Second" will also involve besting your opponents in under half a minute, a challenge which will be issued over and over again throughout the course of its five RPG scenarios and 90 quests.

The sequel is currently 77-percent complete, according to Famitsu, as translated by Andriasang, so the developers obviously value strict attention to numbers on their end too.

The scenarios include "Hero 30 Overture," "Judgement," "Revolution," "Ragnarok" and "Destiny," each of which contains three side modes, a four-player RPG battle mode, a quest-editing mode that gives you the ability to arrange maps and "Infinite Hero" mode, which throws a continuing onslaught of demon kings at you to be vanquished in 30 seconds or less.

There's no mention of a U.S. release, but since the first game made the trip across the Pacific, this one very well may do the same. For everyone who enjoys strictly budgeting their gaming time, you can't do much better than a title that requires you to spend no more than 30 seconds per fight. Of course, training yourself to get to the point where you can plow through those fights and actually make progress 30 seconds at a time is a completely different matter.

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