'Zombrex Dead Rising Sun' Begins Serialization On Xbox Live

Zombrex Dead Rising Sun Xbox Live

As promised, Capcom's free "Zombrex Dead Rising Sun" serial appeared on Xbox Live today, and ahead of "Dead Rising 2: Case 0," this will be your first taste of one of the most ambitious video game pre-launch promotion rollouts in recent memory.

The first three episodes come accompanied by an introduction from Capcom global head of research and development Keiji Inafune, who directed the project. His story will be told in weekly installments over the next month as its episodes premiere on XBL and subsequently show up on DeadRisingSun.com.

In the modern landscape of subscription fees and DRM limitations, a free full-length movie is nothing to shake a stick at, so if you've already got an XBL Gold account and even a passing interest in the Dead Rising series, "Dead Rising Sun" should be a fun way to kills some time.

Of course, if you're a stickler for image quality and/or don't like the suspense of waiting between episodes, you can also wait for the full 83-minute version that's being shipped with the "Dead Rising 2" Collector's Edition.

Have you checked out the first episodes of "Zombrex Dead Rising Sun" yet? Would you like to see more full-length movies released like this in advance of game launches? Share your responses in the comment section below.