'Mass Effect 3' Story To Contain 'Over 1,000' Variations

Mass Effect 3 story

"Mass Effect 3" may introduce some Ewok-esque fun and lightness to the trilogy when BioWare finally reaches a point where they're ready to transition from DLC to the series' final chapter. That chapter will represent the culmination of more than 1,000 different variables, according to their latest estimate.

"We plan out the larger plot points of the story from one game to the next, but it would be impossible to plan it all in advance," "Mass Effect 2" project lead Casey Hudson told PC Zone, as reported by CVG.

Hudson explained how the "ME3" narrative has come together, and he's glad that his team chose the methods they did.

"More importantly, we'd never be able to plan as many creative opportunities if we'd do it all up front," he said. "Instead, we record what a player has done in a play-through, and then we have all of those choices available that writers can refer to as they build storylines..."

All of those choices eventually led to an impressive number, which Hudson formed using three zeroes.

"Numerically, it's over 1,000 variables that we'll have access to for shaping the 'Mass Effect 3' experience for people who've played the previous games," he stated.

Personally, I'm still waiting to find out how my carefully chosen uses of answers like "Maybe" versus "I think so" and "Yes" versus "Definitely" eventually alter the fate of the universe, but I'm sure that's all a part of the plan as the climactic conclusion gets closer.

What are your expectations like for "ME3"? Which decisions from the first two games do think will prove to have been the most crucial? Share your predictions in the comment section below.