'Halo: Reach' Maps To Include Remakes Of Midship And Ivory Tower

Halo: Reach

If you played a lot of "Halo 2" multiplayer, you've probably spent more time in Midship (pictured) and Ivory Tower than you'd care to admit. Well, prepare to spend a little more! Bungie announced today that the two maps will be getting the "Halo: Reach" treatment when the game launches in September. That means new graphics, new item placements and slightly altered layouts, though the soul of both maps will remain the same.

Midship (now called Zealot) features a familiar lower-tier layout, but at the top level there's actually a permeable barrier which allows you to battle out in space. Once you pass through the barrier, the game shifts to low-grav, so tracking targets will become a very different experience. As a cool touch, when out in space, audio is muted, giving you the true feeling of being out in the void.

Ivory Tower (now called Reflection) has almost exactly the same layout, but the art has been updated to give it shinier, more reflection-y textures.

Bungie also revealed a brand new map, Spire, which is set in and around a massive Covenant tower. The map is designed for a specific mode of Invasion, which has Spartans trying to capture specific checkpoints throughout the tower, as Elites try to stop them. The new, flyable helicopter is accessible to the Spartans as they make their way higher up the tower, thus making the job for the Elites quite the handful.

You can watch all of these maps in action in IGN's latest video feature on "Reach."

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