New 'Syndicate' Trademarks Filed By EA


Peter Molyneux's "Syndicate" appeared in a freshly filed copyright earlier this year, thanks to Electronic Arts and Starbreeze. Though they still haven't announced plans to to move forward with an upcoming game bearing that name, EA has trademarked the use the of the word syndicate for a number of purposes that would be useful should they breathe new life into the franchise.

Computer game software and entertainment services involved in providing an on-line computer game, as well as board games and collectable toy figures were all covered in a round of filings spotted by Superannuation.

The board game and toy references should be enough to get old-school "Syndicate" fans revved up about whatever EA has cooking behind the scenes. All of these filings could still turn out to be nothing more than epic teases, however, should EA decide at any point not to announce a new title.

That seems pretty unlikely to a casual reader of these copyrights, though. Someone somewhere has some plans right now and probably takes a great deal of pleasure in watching everyone react to their paper trail of intentions.

Do you think we'll hear about a new "Syndicate" game soon? What sort of approach would you like to see EA and Starbreeze take? Share your responses in the comment section below.