'Red Dead Redemption' DLC 'Legends And Killers' Coming August 10

Red Dead Redemption

The "Legends and Killers Pack" for "Red Dead Redemption" finally found its place on the calendar today, as Rockstar marked August 10 for the DLC's release. At 800 MS Points on Xbox Live or $9.99 over the PlayStation Network, the new pack will be slated to appear along with all of its new multiplayer features and throwable tomahawks on August 10.

Rockstar announced the date via RockstarGames.com, where they also note the presence of eight "Red Dead Revolver" characters who will come to "Redemption" for multiplayer users.

The nine new multiplayer map locations, achievements and tomahawk-related challenges for single-player and multiplayer gameplay should give you a few extra things to do in the game if you've exhausted all of the initial benchmarks of accomplishment that came with it. And even if you do manage to burn through this pack, there's still plenty more to come.

At least three more DLC offerings, the "Liars and Cheats Pack," the "Free Roam Pack" and the "Undead Nightmare Pack" are still being assembled, so don't think for a moment that Rockstar has moved on just yet. They still want some of that green stuff in your wallet to go toward cowboy adventuring 2010.

Do you plan on checking out "Legends and Killers"? Which of Rockstar's upcoming "RDR" DLC packs interests you the most? Share your opinions in the comment section below.