Soundgarden's 'Telephantasm' Album Coming To 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock'

Soundgarden Guitar Hero

The list of "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" tracks has been growing in the last week, but the new title will be getting at least one full album out-of-the-box when it ships. In a move that will officially make Soundgarden's new "Telephantasm" album go platinum before it hits stores on October 4, the band has announced that their reunion effort will be included in "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" when the game launches on September 28.

"There are a lot of different ways to get your music out (and) ... this clearly to me is one way to do that," lead singer Chris Cornell told USA Today. "Guitar Hero has actually turned on a lot of young music fans to music that they otherwise might not have ever heard."

The Guitar Hero folks are excited as well, particularly since the platinum status "is a recognition from the music industry that [games] are a platform for digital distribution," according to Guitar Hero chief operating officer David Haddad.

"We're extremely excited to be collaborating with Soundgarden on this monumental moment in their music career," Guitar Hero vice president of music affairs Tim Riley said in a press release. "Guitar Hero continues to break new ground by being the preeminent interactive platform for debuting original content and a stage for the biggest acts in all genres of rock and roll to reach new audiences in an all-new way."

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Image credit: Marty Temme/ WireImage