'StarCraft 2' Sells A Lot Of Copies

StarCraft 2

If you picked up "StarCraft 2" last week, you should know that you're not the unique snowflake your mom said you were. In fact, you were joined by millions of other gamers who were ending a 13-year-long "StarCraft" drought. The game sold a million copies in the first 24 hours, and an additional 500,000 copies were sold the following day. That's a lot.

Just how much is a lot? Well, even if you ignore the increased prices of the Collector's Edition and assume that everyone was buying the same, $60 game, that works out to 90 million bucks in 48 hours. Eat that, "Inception."

The 1.5M in 48 hours sales number makes "StarCraft 2" the fastest selling strategy game of all time (which doesn't really say too much). It's also the fastest selling PC game of the year (which also doesn't say too much). Thankfully, if you already own the game, sales numbers don't really matter, short of confirming that you'll have plenty of competition online.

Personally I'm just starting to scratch the surface of the game. I've never been a huge RTS guy, but Blizzard's attention to detail and commitment to story offer enough to pull me through the campaign. Here's hoping my MacBook Pro can handle the overload of a Protoss Carrier!