New GoldenEye Game Confirmed For DS

GoldenEye DS

Activision said that they would love to see a GoldenEye title on the 3DS, but it looks like the James Bond franchise could beat the 3DS to stores for Nintendo's current handheld system. A DS logo appeared on the official "GoldenEye 007" game page, and Nintendo even mentioned such a game in a quarterly earnings report, but Activision has now made its public peace with the fact that they will be making a DS game using the word GoldenEye.

The GoldenEye DS game is "not a port," according to an Activision rep who acknlowedged the company's plans to Joystiq, though the current "Bond" Daniel Craig and exceptionally classy "M" Dame Judi Dench will both provide voices.

You have to wonder if they'd even try getting another Bond girl for the game after announcing Joss Stone for "James Bond 007: Blood Stone," but this is just a DS game, so they probably aren't going to be aiming that high as far as high-paid surprise talent goes.

Still, spinning 007 around with a stylus may make for a fun time.

Is a GoldenEye game on the DS going to be good news for you? Would you rather have seen Activision wait for the 3DS? Share your opinions in the comment section below.