'Civilization: The Board Game' Frightens Me


I can't say I'm totally board game savvy (as evidenced by the fact that my first game of "Settlers of Catan" was just a few weeks ago), but I do understand the prospect of a "Civilization" board game is a big deal. And looking at that art with all the cards and nations laid out above makes my mind just about cave in on itself.

Fantasy Flight Games is in charge of the "Civ" board game, and they've brought on Kevin Wilson as game designer. You may know his work from games like "Arkham Horror" and "Cosmic Encounter." I didn't, but if you play board games, you probably do.

The game is scheduled for release this fall, which should be sometime around the release of "Civilization 5." That's like releasing two "Star Wars" movies within a month of each other and expecting the masses to not go insane.