Blizzard Considering 'StarCraft 2' Requests For Map And Challenge Updates

StarCraft 2 updates

Even during the "StarCraft 2" beta testing period, users were firing questions off at Blizzard asking about updates and additions. The proper retail version of "StarCraft 2" is out now, and those questions are still percolating. Blizzard's answers may shine some light into what everyone can expect, though, such as new challenge missions, shared replays and increased map size limits.

"New challenge missions are certainly a good possibility for future content updates or expansions," a Blizzard representative wrote in the official "StarCraft 2" forums (via Big Download and Giant Bomb).

Additionally, replay sharing has been deemed "functionality we're interested in providing our players at some point in the future," according to another post, and while an increase in map-size limits isn't part of Blizzard's "current plans," it is an issue that may be addressed.

And hey, Blizzard's reversal of their Real ID requirement initiative proved that they are receptive to what their customers ask for. That may not mean that everyone on is going to get their wish fulfilled, but it should encourage anyone with a concern to bring up with the folks who pull the strings.

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