Gamers Fend Off Masked Robbers In Hawaii


A word of advice: Don't try to take a man's DS.

An unlikely story unfolded in Hawaii late last week. A gaming cafe called PC Gamerz on the island of Oahu was attacked by a handful of masked teenagers. After rushing in and punching the employee at the front desk in the head, the teens made their way around the store, demanding money from the gamers in attendance. It wasn't until one of the masked men demanded the Nintendo DS of one of the gamers that things took a turn.

Dylan Hays, the owner of the DS, wasn't about to let his handheld gaming device go without a fight, and what resulted was a "bull-rush" of gamer rage. Hays, joined by fellow gamers, eventually forced the teens out of the door, where they were quickly picked up by police. It was a harrowing scene, captured all on the PC Gamerz security tape.

A happy ending, for sure, but this sort of action is definitely not encouraged, since it very easily could've turned deadly had one of the masked men been armed. I realize you value your Speed Maxed Prinplup, but I'm not sure it's worth losing your life over.

(KHON2 via Kotaku)