Nintendo Reveals 3DS Release Date Announcement Date

3DS release date

Nintendo didn't get very specific with prices or release windows when they showed off their new 3DS at E3. Attitudes appear to be shifting, however, as the company has planned an announcement date in September to unveil pricing and release info for Japan.

Nintendo will lay it all out on September 29, company spokesperson Mr. Yasushi Hiroshi Minagawa told Bloomberg Japan. The report speculates that the new handheld device will ship during the current fiscal year, which isn't all that much of a shocker, but until Nintendo itself gets specific, nothing is going to be set in stone.

March 2011 has been floated out there before as a potential launch deadline. Pricing guesses, meanwhile, have been more abstract.

Given the large number of third-party developers that Nintendo has working on games right now, part of getting the launch done right will have to involve making sure enough A-list games are ready to appear when the 3DS lands on shelves. Once it does though, the device is likely to define 2011 for the company, so it makes sense that they could be checking off necessities behind the scenes before they publicly commit to a date — or they may just like making us all go crazy not knowing when to expect the unit. That could be the case as well.

Is March 2011 going to be early enough for you if that's when the 3DS arrives? Have any of its previously announced games caught your eye yet? Share your expectations in the comment section below.

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