Nintendo Is Making The Perfect [Soda] Drinking Game

Wii Party

I know you college kids scoff at the Wii and its childlike nature. I know you think it's just for families, like those pictured above. And if you ask Nintendo, they'll tell you that "Wii Party" is most definitely not designed as a [soda] drinking video game. But damn if it isn't the best [soda] drinking video game ever. Yes, even better than "Photo Hunt."

"Wii Party" is a collection of games similar to "Mario Party," as players race, balance and spin their way through a variety of challenges. That's the mode everyone's already familiar with. What people may not know is that "Wii Party" also includes a mode called House Party. This is where the [soda] has the biggest potential to flow.

At a recent press event, I was able to test out three different modes from House Party, which I'll rate depending how just how viable they are for [soda] drinking-game purposes.

Buddy Quiz

[Soda] Drinking Game Viability: 6/10

Rules: Four players select one "buddy," and the three remaining players attempt to guess how that buddy would answer multiple choice questions like "Which language would be the coolest to learn?" or "How many cats is too many cats?" More points are earned as the game progresses.

[Soda] Drinking Game Variant: Seems like this is a perfect fit for a couples vs. couples challenge that only turns more violent and yelly as one partner makes it clear they have no idea what the other partner is thinking. Anyway, a drink [of soda] after every wrong answer seems fair and will probably dull the pain from the blows.

Word Bomb

[Soda] Drinking Game Viability: 8/10

Rules: The game selects a category like "Words that start with S" or "Flying things." Each player has to say a word that fits the category, but can't repeat words that have already been said. When they've said the word, they hit a on the Wii remote and pass it to the next person. Their on-screen Mii will do the same, but instead of a remote, they're passing a time bomb which starts counting down whenever it is passed. The starting time becomes lower and lower until the bomb counts down on someone who can't think of an appropriate word.

[Soda] Drinking Game Variant: Having literally played the analog version of this game on 4th of July, I know for sure that it works as a solid [soda] drinking game. Run out of time and you're gonna be drinking a lot of [soda]. The game gets better over time as faculties begin to diminish [from all the caffeine].

Hide 'n' Hunt

[Soda] Drinking Game Viability: 10/10 (or 2/10)

Rules: One player is designated "hider." The other players leave the room and the hider attempts to conceal the 4 remotes somewhere around the room. The other players return and the timer begins. The players then search the room, turning over cushions, crawling under tables and looking in coat pockets, attempting to find the hidden remotes. As time goes on, the remotes begin to give off animal noises to help the searchers. The last person to find a remote loses.

[Soda] Drinking Game Variant: The same idea, but the last person has to drink [soda], but has the added benefit of being the hider next. This game starts off great but, as time goes on and much [soda] has been consumed, the hiding places begin to get a lot less challenging and much closer to the proximity of the couch.

Clearly "Wii Party" has an audience beyond Nintendo's usual set. And [soda] is most definitely not required to have a good time with the game. But for consenting, [soda]-loving adults, there's really nothing wrong with mixing booze and video games every once in a while. Crap, I mean soda and video games.