Pro Tip: You Already Own A PlayStation Move Sub-Controller

PlayStation Move

One of the low points of E3 this year was learning the price of the PlayStation Move controller. The glowing wand will run you $50, while the sub-controller (the PlayStation's answer to the Wii's nunchuk) will set you back an additional $30. $80 is a lot to spend on a controller, especially when that doesn't factor in the cost of a PlayStation Eye camera, which is also required for Move.

The bright side is that you may be able to skip spending that extra $30. When speaking with Anton Mikhailov, an R&D engineer for Sony, at an event earlier this week, I was informed that a standard PS3 controller can actually fill in as a replacement sub-controller and that the system considers them interchangeable.

Now, I know what you're thinking: You can't really hold a Dual Shock 3 in one hand and have it be comfortable. True, if you're holding it up in the air. But consider the PlayStation Move games that will support a sub-controller. "Killzone 3" and "SOCOM" are not games you'll be playing while standing. Once you realize that you're couch-bound, the prospect of resting a Dual Shock 3 on your left thigh while holding the PlayStation Move wand in your right hand isn't all that ridiculous.

It may not be as comfortable as a sub-controller, which was designed from the ground up to be a one-handed device, but if you're short on dough (a common curse of gamers worldwide), the Dual Shock 3 will come through in a pinch.

Forget GEICO. I'm here to save you money.