'Dead Rising 2: Case 0' Story Details Materialize For Xbox 360 Owners

Dead Rising 2 Case 0

"Dead Rising 2" already has an associated serialized movie coming out ahead of its September release called "Zombrex Dead Rising Sun." Capcom will be stuffing its calendar with yet another release, however, in the form of an quick game called "Dead Rising 2: Case 0," which will operate like a prequel game exclusive to the Xbox 360.

"Case 0" takes place three years before the events of "Dead Rising 2," according to a report on Andriasang. The game will be available in demo form for free or in its entirety (at least in Japan) for ¥500, which is just under USD$6.00 by today's conversion rates.

The release date is still up in the air, but Capcom global head of research and development Keiji Inafune estimated that it would appear in Japan about a month before "Dead Rising 2" lands on shelves. When "Case 0" does come out, you'll be tasked with taking care of hero Chuck Greene's daughter, who's been bitten by a zombie and requires the Zombrex vaccine to stay alive while you try to escape the shambling hordes.

It would be nice to see Capcom do some sort of a deal where you received a discount off of "DR2" if you buy "Case 0." The reverse-DLC approach is innovative, and it's nice that you'll be able to try it for free, but it still represents an extra shakedown for dollars if you want the full story of "DR2" out of the gate. I'll reserve judgement until all of the U.S. launch facts are on the table, though.

Do you plan on getting "Dead Rising 2: Case 0" ahead of the full "DR2" release? Are you fine with dropping dollars for short prequel games ahead of major launches? Share your opinions in the comment section below.