'StarCraft 2' Downloadable Now, Even If You Can't Play It Yet

StarCraft 2

Among other things that you don't need to be an adult or have a Real ID login to do on Battle.net, you can now download "StarCraft 2." You just won't be able to install and play it. Blizzard has made the full "SC2" client available at no charge as of today, and on Tuesday, July 27, at 10:00 AM PDT, you will be able to pay Blizzard and make that client unlock into the beautiful butterfly that will be "SC2."

"If you intend to purchase 'StarCraft 2' digitally, downloading the client now will allow you to simply pay and play when digital copies of 'StarCraft 2' go on sale," the FAQ on the Battle.net download page explains.

This also means that "SC2" will be available digitally on launch day when all of the brick and mortar stores put the game on their shelves, and it's a bold statement on Blizzard's part to assert itself with its own online point of sale on day one.

Don't worry about the client if you plan on buying a hard retail copy or already pre-ordered one, though. It won't be of any use to you. If do want a digital copy and fear the onslaught of everyone else accessing Battle.net's servers on July 27, however, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and get this now.

Are you surprised to see the "SC2" client available already? How do you plan on buying the game? Share your responses in the comment section below.