'Pokemon Black' And 'White' To Integrate Video Chat

Pokemon Black and White

"Pokémon Black" and "White" gameplay has already revealed itself to the world, but when the newest installment of the franchise hits for Nintendo DSi and 3DS owners, an entirely different type of video will reportedly be available. In what's become the norm for Japan-based Poké-announcements, word of a video chat feature has made its way through the usual translation channels and sounds like it will provide the means for up to four players to converse face to face for games.

The new "Live Caster" function will allow for four players to interact locally and two at a time to talk to one another over Wi-Fi, according to the new issue of CoroCoro magazine, where the info was spotted by PokéBeach and subsequently relayed via Siliconera.

The report also included some new Pokémon names and details on a "Passing By" mode that will allow you to connect to nearby players and aid them in an unspecified way. Additionally, placement of your pets during battles will affect strategy and an attack called "Magic Room" will be able to negate the effects of held items.

Like vampires, the people you chat with using "Live Caster" will have to be invited, though (using friend codes). So if you do buy "Black" or "White" and later find yourself thrust into an awkward Chatroulette-esque nightmare scenario, you'll only have yourself and the circle of friends you keep to blame.

Do you plan on using video chat in "Black" and "White"? What are your impressions of the games so far? Share your responses in the comment section below.