Best Of E3 2010, According To MTV News

Best of E3

Yesterday I posted all of the nominees for the annual Game Critics: Best of E3 awards, a list created from the hive mind of 30 different publications. Today I mailed in my picks for each category, culled from the minds at MTV News who attended the show with me. Since the list of nominations closely matched what we thought were best at this year's E3, it really wasn't too difficult. So here we go!

Best of Show

Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)

Seeing this for the first time was remarkable. Photos and video can't capture the effect, but trust me when I say that it works as advertised. This was, by far, the most talked about thing at E3 2010, and deservedly so.

Best Original Game

Bulletstorm (People Can Fly/Epic Games/Electronic Arts for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360)

A clever spin on a genre that is remarkably difficult to innovate. Being able to score points for creative and intricate kills in an FPS is a nice breath of fresh air.

Best Console Game

Rage (id Software/Bethesda for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360)

This game had, by far, the best graphics I've ever seen on an Xbox 360. Paired with an interesting, if somewhat derivative, world and the FPS mastery of id Software, I was left in awe of what these guys were able to pull off with the hardware.

Best Handheld Game

Ghost Trick (Capcom for Nintendo DS)

Another strong candidate for Best Original Game, "Ghost Trick" is from the creators of "Phoenix Wright," and brings incredibly unique gameplay and humorous dialog to the DS. In a sentence: You can possess a bicycle to crush an assassin with a crane. And that's just the first level.

Best PC Game

Portal 2 (Valve)

Valve knows how do pull off an incredible E3 demo, and "Portal 2" was no different. My glimpses at the co-op and campaign had be pining for more.

Best Hardware

Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo)

Ditto on what I said above.

Best Action Game

Halo: Reach (Bungie/Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox 360)

It seems like a co-op out to pick a Halo game, but the amount of fun content they're adding to this game made me sit up and take notice. In addition to the campaign and adversarial modes, there's over Firefight mode with tons of new options, improved character customization and modernized gameplay via load-outs. Bungie is definitely trying to make their last Halo their biggest Halo.

Best Action/Adventure Game

Portal 2 (Valve for PC / Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360)

What impressed me most was how much Valve is able to change, despite giving the player the same abilities they had in the first "Portal." Refracting mirrors, jump pads and speed goo are just the beginning. Then toss in co-op and your brain starts to hurt.

Best Role Playing Game

Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare Austin/LucasArts/EA for PC)

It's usually close to impossible to demo an MMO during the rush of E3, but even with just a half-hour of play, it's clear BioWare's doing something very special. They've managed to bring "character" to the MMO space, and that's something even Blizzard hasn't been able to pull off.

Best Racing Game

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Criterion Games/Electronic Arts for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360)

A more approachable, less technical "Need for Speed" is exactly what will help introduce new fans to the franchise, and the folks at Criterion (makers of "Burnout") have brought the best aspects of the original "Hot Pursuit" and added a ton of social shenanigans to make playing with friends that much easier.

Best Fighting Game

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Capcom for PS3 and Xbox 360)

A tough category in that there were really only two decent competitors: "MvC3" and "Mortal Kombat." Personally I thought the remarkable visuals and subtle gameplay improvements of "Marvel" gave it the edge, but it was neck and neck.

Best Sports Game

NBA Jam (EA Canada/EA Sports for Wii)

It's classic "NBA Jam," and is 100% as fun as the original. Toss in a few new modes and you've made the world a happier place.

Best Strategy Game

Civilization V (Firaxis/2K Games for PC)

Firaxis was willing to make some major changes (hexes, for one) to update their strategy juggernaut, and, despite the added complexity, they've still managed to make it approachable to newcomers.

Best Online Multiplayer Game

Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare Austin/LucasArts/EA for PC)

To reiterate, I've yet to see a company come close to threatening the "WoW" machine. BioWare is on the road to doing just that.

So those were our picks, which may or may not match the overall picks when the Game Critics Awards winners are announced in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned to see just how wrong we were!