'No More Heroes' Clothing Was Gone Before You Could Buy It

No More Heroes clothing

I'm going to be completely honest with you. As someone who has from time to time Googled around looking for "No More Heroes" T-shirts, finding out that British clothing sellers Chateau Roux tranformed their store into Airport 51 from May 28 through June 4 and had "NMH"-based apparel caused my inner fanboy to sigh. It turns out they were probably way expensive and only available in London anyway, though, so don't go beating yourself up too much if this news makes your heart sad.

If you do have an Otaku-like obsession with "No More Heroes," it looks like you may have one last shot at acquiring such digs, as there is currently a throat-punchingly awesome cosplay outfit up for grabs in a CVG contest right now.

In the meantime, is it really so much to ask to get a few of Travis Touchdown's shirts put up for sale somewhere? I don't need pink jeans with anime characters on them, but some of the T-shirt designs in "NMH" and "NMH 2" could put Threadless and Shirt.Woot out of business for a few days if they ever became commercially available.

Just tell me I'm wrong.

Did you happen to make it into Chateau Roux to see what they were selling? How much would you pay for "No More Heroes" T-shirt? Share your responses in the comment section below.

Image via Gamesugar