'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Still Has a Small Dev Team, But Could Take A While

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Rumors of the demise of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" appear to have been exaggerated, as was the departure of Michel Ancel from Ubisoft. The creator got up at the Montpellier in Game conference to discuss his field and dropped a status report on his in-progress sequel.

"It will take time. Please have patience. I'm sorry," Ancel said, according to a translation from French posted by Eurogamer.

How much time it will take was not revealed, but his reasons were noble.

"On this game, we're keeping the team small, to preserve creativity and so the game doesn't become a commercial product, so that is has soul," he stated.

The small team allows him to keep a relatively low budget, but there's no telling at this point how many years a prolonged development cycle could lead to. Still, the fact the Ubisoft is allowing him to go forward at all should be great to know for fans of the original game. With any luck, we'll all end up with a new modern masterpiece when this is through, but the final product's release date probably won't be on a calendar that you currently own.

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