Hulu In Late Talks With PlayStation Network?

Hulu on PlayStation Network

Netflix staked out its streaming service's territory early on through the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, but Hulu is now rumored to be right behind them on at least two of those systems. The TV-on-demand provider showed up in in a report regarding its Xbox Live aspirations earlier this month, and now it looks like they want a piece of the PlayStation Network as well.

Sony Corp. and Hulu LLC are close to settling on an agreement to bring more entertainment options to the PS3, according to a story on Bloomberg. If things work out, an announcement could reportedly be forthcoming as soon as next week.

If the deal is real, no one's going on the record about it, which is no surprise, but the big questions once this unveiling hits a press release are going to include the price of the subscription, how the cost will fit into Hulu's standard pay-for-play service, and what differences there might be between a PS3 Hulu app and an Xbox 360 one.

I'm a huge fan of Netflix's system wherein my monthly DVD subscription also includes the ability to steam movies for free on my Wii, as well as through my paid Xbox Live Gold account. If Hulu's really planning to compete, I hope they've looked at that system and plan on introducing something suitably lucrative in response.

Would you use Hulu access on your PS3? Would you rather have it via XBL? Share your reactions in the comment section below.