'Final Fantasy Tactics' Selects September 15 For iPhone Launch

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

If the only thing keeping you from standing in line for an iPhone 4 this morning was the lack of a "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions" port in the App Store, be prepared to read some very good news. While a portable Final Fantasy MMO is still little more than a twinkle in someone's eye, Square Enix does plan on bringing their PlayStation Portable title to Apple's platforms on September 15.

"I saw a lot of comments by fans on Facebook and Twitter that they longed for its release on iPhone," the game's assistant producer Hiroaki Iwano said in a statement on Square-Enix.com. "I was very encouraged to make this game available on this new platform and I didn’t want to disappoint the fans."

The new "War of the Lions" edition will include some extra features for those who have slashed through it before somewhere else. Iwano even went as far as to say that he thinks this new version will be the best so far (big surprise).

"We customized the playability for iPhone," Iwano explaioned. "Even though I always thought that the touch screen was a better fit for Simulation RPGs over a controller, I was concerned by the screen size of iPhone since it looks too small to play the game comfortably. However, we learned so much about utilizing the small screen size of iPhone developing Song Summoner, and I can confidently present 'Final Fantasy Tactics' for iPhone as the ''Final Fantasy Tactics' with the most comfortable playability.'"

Do you think the iPhone will be a good home for "The War of the Lions"? Have you played "Tactics" on the PlayStation or PSP? How do you think it will compare? Share your expectations in the comment section below.