Zangief And Cammy Arrive On 'Street Fighter 4' For iPhone

Zangief Cammy iPhone

Capcom came through with those additional fighters in a new update for "Street Fighter 4" on iPhone. If you visited the App Store in the last day or so and downloaded the recommended content, you should now see Zangief and Cammy on the character select screen.

Any of you who have struggled in the past while attempting to pull off Zangief's Atomic Buster combos or Cammy's Drive Smasher combos will most certainly appreciate the one-button (plus directional controls) special combos with both of them, just as you did with the game's first wave of characters.

Additionally, if you happen to be playing this game on an iPhone 4 today, it runs very, very smoothly. The performance was great on the 3GS, but the difference for folks such as myself who upgraded from a 3G is noticeable.

Now that Capcom has given us these two new faces, the question is, will we see anyone else showing up in the near future? I would love to see Capcom do what they balked at for "Street Fighter 4" on consoles and keep a steady wave of DLC trickling out via updates.

Who would you like to see come to "SF4" on the iPhone if Capcom makes more character updates? Anything else you'd like to see augmented? Share your responses in the comment section below.