Final Fantasy MMO 'Possible' On the DS Or PSP

Final Fantasy MMO

If Square Enix can be convinced to release "Final Fantasy XIII" on the Xbox 360, what's to stop them from getting a Final Fantasy MMO onto portable platforms like the DS, 3DS or PSP? Not much, judging from what one the higher-ups at SE had to say when asked if he thought a portable FF MMO would be possible.

"Yes, I believe it's definitely possible," Square Enix senior VP of software Hiromichi Tanaka told "The DS and PSP both have networking systems implemented, so it's definitely do-able."

If such a game eventually comes out, it's not likely to be a port, but from the PC, but I don't know that anyone would necessarily want that anyway.

"The CPU of mobile consoles are much lower spec compared to other consoles, or even to PC, so that could be a difficulty if you want to simply transfer a console-based MMO onto a mobile machine," Tanaka explained. "But if it's built specifically for DS or PSP that's definitely possible, even on the current technology."

Nintendo already has an impressive entourage of third-party support for the 3DS. MMO or otherwise, you have to wonder what Square Enix will be interested in providing. Their name did show up on a slide alongside Capcom, Activision and Sega at Nintendo's E3 press conference, so the path may already be paved.

Would you be interested in purchasing a portable Final Fantasy MMO? Would you rather see it on the DS, 3DS or PSP? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.