Kinect Technology Coming To TV's And PC's

Kinect technology

Microsoft pulled Kinect out of the box at E3 this year to show off its new camera-based, controllerless technology, but PrimeSense, the company who crafted the sensors inside plan on spreading their know-how to other devices in the next year.

Some HTPCs will be getting the new tech by the end of 2010, and at least one cable company wants it in a gesture-controlled box by summer 2011, according PrimeSense VP Adi Berenson, who spoke with Engadget. PrimeSense's master plan, however, involved standardizing their gesture controls across the entertainment industry, so you may hear about other appearances in the near future.

If you're saying to yourself, "Well, great! Now I don't need to put down the rumored $150 that Microsoft looks like they're going to want for Kinect," don't do that. That would be like assuming because TV's were shipping with joysticks on their remote controls you wouldn't need to by an Xbox controller.

These developments do mean that you might be able to look forward to nearly effortless on-command rewinding and replays through your DVR and TV, like Microsoft showed off with their ESPN demo at E3. I, for one, would like Kinect controls on my alarm clock so that I don't have to reach across the bed to hit the snooze button. That would be excellent.

Where else would you like to see Kinect-style controls implemented? Would buy a TV that had them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.