'Guitar Hero: Queen' Type Of Project Acknowledged By Brian May

Guitar Hero Queen

Queen's lead guitarist Brian May may have sort of given away some unofficial information regarding his band's musical video game plans, and "Guitar Hero: Queen" could be on the way next year, according to a Swedish interview he gave.

The interview published on the news site DN.se specifically mentions a Guitar Hero game being in the works for 2011, and May didn't deny it in his response. He did, however, say that his new plan to get fans participating in Queen's music is a secret for now.

Queen already broke into self-titled video game projects in last year's "SingStar Queen," but there's no reason they shouldn't want to get into some push-button instrument-based games as well. I think it's reasonable to conclude that his project won't necessarily be a GH game, but it would certainly be a safe bet. It's difficult to tell, given his limited response. The interviewer did use the actual phrase "Guitar Hero," though, so the writer may know something we over here in North America do not.

I'd love to see Queen try doing a story-based music game in the spirit of "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock," personally.

Would you like see a "Guitar Hero: Queen" title? What did you think of "SingStar Queen"? Share your responses in the comment section below.

Photo by Kevin Winter/American Idol 2009/Getty Images