The Secret Orb Radar Of 'Crackdown 2'

Crackdown 2

The "Crackdown 2" demo that's up on Xbox Live right now has absorbed by last two evenings, but while playing last night I noticed a brand new feature that the developers managed to sneak into the demo. Did you know you can get your radar to show agility and hidden orbs scattered about the map? It's true!

The control scheme menu of "Crackdown 2" is absolute chaos, with dozens of different abilities displayed briefly during the first load screen (though still accessible in the options, if you dig around). Most people, myself included, ignore these sorts of screens, preferring to learn the controls as they go. But last night I glanced at the menu and noticed "Radar" assigned to Up on the d-pad. Interesting!

Hitting up on the d-pad during gameplay sends out a ping from your character. Any orbs located within the radius of your radar will pop up for a split second in green or purple (whether it be an agility or hidden orb). It doesn't differentiate altitude, so the orb you're looking for may be above you, but it's a great start and a huge help for those perfectionists who spent hours searching for the final orbs in the original game. The radar does have a cool down, though, and you're only able to "ping" once every 10 seconds or so.

If you're planning on collected every one of the 500 agility orbs or 300 hidden orbs scattered throughout "Crackdown 2," you're gonna be making friends with your radar. I'm not sure whether this is the extent of the orb-hunting tools in the game. Personally I would love a listing showing when you've found all the orbs in a given district (akin to the feathers of "Assassin's Creed 2"), but we'll have to wait for the final game before we see just how much of a helping hand the developers at Ruffian are giving achievement hunters.