How To Have Fun With The 'Tony Hawk: Ride' Skateboard Controller

Tony Hawk Ride

"Tony Hawk Ride," if you'll recall, wasn't very good. Folks that spent $120 for the game and the skateboard controller came away with a mediocre game and a useless hunk of plastic. Or did they? Some ingenious skaters decided they could make actual use of the "Ride" controller by turning it into an actual, ridable skateboard.

You can see the process right here. Turns out the hunk of plastic actually makes for a pretty decent board. The filmmakers posted a statement on YouTube saying, "The real and? surprisingly sturdy. To those that wished it broke at the end, we tried and because it held up we decided to keep it."

Of course, doing this sort of thing with your skateboard controller requires actual skill, so don't think just because you have 1000 achievement points in "Ride" that you're ready to head out to your nearest empty pool. On the same token, despite your ability to five-star "Green Grass and High Tides," you are not ready to hang with The Outlaws.