The 5 Most Awkward Moments Of E3 2010


Sometimes you drink to remember, and sometimes you drink to forget, and after this year's E3 I assure you there are some members of the gaming industry that are hoping to forget some of the stuff that went down. Not everything goes as smoothly as it should at big conferences like these, and now that it is all said and done, here are our picks for the best of the worst from E3 2010.

PlayStation Move Controller Costs What?

During Sony's press conference, details on the PS3's motion controller, Move, were revealed, including the price. The first announcement, that the Move controller would be $50, was met with applause. Unfortunately it was followed by the news that the sub-controller (the Move's answer to Nintendo's nunchuk) would cost an additional $30. This was followed by deathly silence. If you want to play "Killzone 3" with Move contols, it's gonna cost you $80 to do it, and that's not even counting the cost of the PlayStation Eye camera. Ouch.

Worst. Video. Chat. Ever.

Microsoft kept the press conference awkwardness rolling with a demonstration of Kinect's ability to be used for video chat. Had the conversation between Xbox Live engineer Laura and her twin sister been free flowing the demo might have gone a little more smoothly, but asking people who aren't actors to read a script never works out well.

Konami Trips Out

Somehow, not just one but two games that were included at Konami's press conference will go down in E3 infamy. First up was Tak Fugii's "extreeeeeme hack-n-slash title" "Ninety-nine Nights 2," where his presentation seemed to be lost somewhere in translation. It's almost as painful to watch as "Nintey-nine Nights" was to play. Shortly following that was Naoki Maeda and Thomas Nagano who made up the most awkward on-stage interaction between two presenters since Jaime Kennedy was the host of Activision's presser in 2007. Somehow that wasn't the end of the extreeeeeme weirdness which included luchadors, an imitated decapitation and two men standing very, very close to each other.

Link Has A Mind Of His Own

It's always a little upsetting to see someone as respected as Shigeru Miyamoto stumbles through what should have been one of the centerpiece demos for Nintendo at the open of their press conference. The wifi interference in the Nokia Theater caused his controller to not function properly and Link looked like he was being controlled by Jim from The Office instead of one of the industry's most seasoned veterans.

MS Gets Pervy

In what could have been the creepiest moment of the whole conference, Microsoft brought out a young girl to demonstrate their new Kinect controlled title "Kinectimals." To her credit, Sayla did a great job on-stage, but watching it played live it just seemed a little … off. Phrases like "No Skittles that's enough, that tickles" and "You like that Skittles… yeah you like that, yes you do" taken out of context could put someone in jail.

Bonus Awkward Moment: We Have To Wear Smocks?

During Microsoft's strange Cirque de Soleil-orchestrated reveal of Kinect, everyone in attendance was required to wear white smocks with giant, light-up shoulder pads. You can imagine the looks on the faces of hardened games journalists as they walked into the Galen Center and discovered their fate for the next 2 hours.