The 5 Most Memorable Moments Of E3 2010

E3 2010 is officially a thing of the past, and like many of the conferences that have come before it there were some highlights and some low-lights. We've combed through the glut of information and press conferences that went down over the course of the five day event, and we've put together our choices for the five best presentations from this year's biggest gaming conference.

PS3 Steams Up

Whether you like it or not, six months ago if you had said that Valve's gaming platform Steam was going to appear anywhere other than on PCs most gamers would have thought you were crazy. However, since March Steam has launched on Macs, and at Sony's presser, Valve's co-founder Gabe Newell announced (albeit a little awkwardly) that "Portal 2" and Steamworks would be making its way to consoles via the PS3. While it may not be the same as Steam proper, this level of support from Valve could end up meaning a lot to PS3 owners down the road.

Ubisoft Explores New Territories

Say what you will about Ubisoft's E3 lineup, and Microsoft's Kinect, but in the opening moments of Ubi's presser the two collided head-to-head to produce what could have been one of the most memorable games of the entire show. Tetsuya Mizuguchi showcased his latest title which could actually serve as a peripheral seller for even the most pretentious of gamers. "Child of Eden" will be the next step that fans of "Rez" have been waiting for years to arrive. It may not end up in the spotlight like some of Ubi's other bigger titles tend to, but the fact that Mizuguchi is working on a game is great news for the community as a whole. On an related note, the press conferences also included an announcement for "Project Dust," the first game from Eric Chahi the creator of "Out of this World" in twelve years, and that was personally a pretty big deal.

Seeing The 3DS For the First Time

The biggest shame of the 3DS is that there's no way to photograph or film what the device actually looks like when you're playing it. All we can say is that it's a 3D image, with very clear depth, and you don't need glasses. There's always one thing that steals attention away from everything else during E3, and in 2010, the 3DS was it.

Nintendo Remembers Its Roots

Mixed in somewhere between the "Zelda: Skyward Sword" demo and the 3DS debut, Nintendo announced that it had new titles in the pipeline for just about every one of their marquee franchises. At one point there was a slide on the screen behind Reggie that included new titles for Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong among others, and it seemed more like E3 1989 than E3 2010. While it is undeniable that 3DS was a huge announcement for Nintendo, games are what really matter, and the big N proved that they can still produce titles to keep their fans happy across all of their platforms.

Kevin Butler Nails It

Whether you're a Sony fanboy or not, you can't deny that Sony's spokesperson Kevin Butler nailed what being a gamer was all about. Sure, he's not an actual executive, but his speech at the Sony press conference proved that at least someone at Sony understands their audience.