'DeathSpank' Release Date Makes July Less Painful


My love of action RPGs basically knows no bounds, and when you toss in the magical wit of a man named Ron Gilbert (of "Monkey Island" fame), you're dealing with something positively detrimental to my social schedule. Such is "DeathSpank," from Hothead Games, which is coming to XBLA and PSN in July.

It'd probably be a bit of a disservice to describe "DeathSpank" as an RPG for dummies, though it does take out a lot of the required math and min/max calculations often required for this sort of game. Instead of stats, players pick "cards" every time they level up. One card might increase your run speed by 10%, another might increase your total melee damage output. You can have six cards active at any given time, and repeat cards will overwrite lesser ones (for example, a card that increases your run speed by 20%). That's all the leveling you have to worry about. The rest of the game is about finding cool look and hitting orcs in the face with giant hammers.

It doesn't look like "DeathSpank" will offer any online co-op, sadly, but a friend sitting on your couch can jump into the action as the titular hero's wizard friend, Sparkles, to offer up some helpful spells.

"Diablo" fans don't get a ton of love on consoles, so when games like this come around, it's a good idea to at least try the demo and show your respect for the genre. "DeathSpank" is hitting PSN on July 13 (for $15) and XBLA on July 14 (for 1200 Microsoft moon bucks).