Xbox Live Gold Family Plan To Cost $99.99 In November

Xbox Live Gold Family Plan

The big Microsoft E3 press conference this year foretold two big pushes that are going to come to the Xbox 360 along with Kinect. The first of those is programming via ESPN, and Hulu is rumored to be right behind. The second tone you couldn't help but pick up on was the family-friendly nature of Kinect's launch titles, which look a lot like games found in the avatar-powered, motion-based Wii marketplace. Now, Microsoft has announced plans to expand their Xbox Live Gold subscription options to include a $99.99 Family Plan, and if you live in an Xbox household with three or more members, you may want to check this out.

With individual plans standardly priced at $49.99, the option will start to pay off if you have three users on board. The new plans will become available in November, according to Microsoft's press release. Deal-seekers will also want to take note that exclusive family-oriented deals will become available through the program.

The new plan will also come with a "Family Center" set of controls, which Microsoft describes as "a single, easy to use, destination for Family Settings and account management, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and on" The primary account holder will be in charge of payments, but will be able distribute points to an account's other 3 users.

There is definitely a robust set of options there. Of course, online play on the Wii is still free, which at the end of the day may keep it front and center in many households' budgets, but for Xbox families with a couple of kids, this looks like it'll be the way to go.

Do you see yourself registering for a Family Account this November? What's the ideal family console right now in your eyes? Share your opinions in the comment section below.