Sega Responds To 'Sonic 4' Mine Cart Controversy

Sonic 4 mine cart controvery

"Sonic the Hedgehog 4" came up against some biting criticism from longtime players when glimpses of the game first came out. Some even called for a boycott in favor buying "Sonic 1/2." Visions of a tilt-controlled mine cart in particular ruffled the feathers of a few onlookers, and Sega now admits that they've taken notice.

"It's unfortunate that such an early build of 'Sonic 4' was made more public than we liked," the game's brand manager Ken Baloughs told Destructoid. "We do want fan feedback and part of the extended development is to incorporate a lot of the feedback we've gotten. We do want to hear it a lot, but we want to hear the right feedback."

So how does Sega feel about that feedback so far? Baloughs said they've heard it, but he doesn't think much of it was fair to Sega's final product.

"A lot of fans saw a build that was so early on that we've moved well beyond it," he said. "It's sort of like giving feedback on a concept car instead of the actual prototype, so while some of the criticism was relevant, a lot of it wasn't anymore, which is unfortunate because we want to hear what fans have to say."

The report also states that an unnamed source at Sega acknowledged that the mine cart issue specifically has been addressed. This will be a game to watch once it ships and reviews start coming out to see who it pleases.

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