New Jurassic Park Games From Telltale To Get 'Serious'

Jurassic Park game

The Jurassic Park film franchise may be taking a new turn, and the Michael Crichton-created saga's face in video games may change as well, now that Telltale Games has revealed that they're working on new releases. Gone are the days of short, large-headed characters walking around on the Super Nintendo, apparently. Telltale now says that they want to veer more toward the "serious" notes contained in the ongoing battle between man and cloned dinosaurs.

"...we've wanted to kind of step out and do something that's cinematically much more serious than the kind of.... you know, we feel like we're getting pigeonholed a little bit as a company that makes funny cartoon games about talking animals, whereas really what we think of ourselves as is a company that makes games about cinema," Telltale design director Dave Grossman told Joystiq.

Known for their work on the Sam and Max series and "Tales of Monkey Island," Telltale has a reputation for quirky adventures with expansive stories and plot twists, but the "cinema" direction that Grossman articulated seems to represent a refined strategy in light of their recent announcements to pursue the Jurassic Park project, as well as games in the Back to the Future universe.

What do you make of Telltale's approach to their new Jurassic Park endeavors? Would you like to see more serious games from them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.