'Child Of Eden' Is 'Rez' In First-Person

Child of Eden

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is known for his unique, music-infused video games, with titles like "Lumines," "Rez" and "Space Channel 5." His latest is "Child of Eden," a visual and aural overload that proved to be quite different from anything else I saw at E3 last week.

In basic terms, "Child of Eden" is an on-rails shooter that appears to play a lot like Mizuguchi's other on-rails shooter, "Rez." You fly through a futuristic, techno-backed universe, blasting computerized beasties with lasers and bombs.

"Child of Eden" is playable with a standard 360 controller, but the game was really designed with Microsoft's Kinect in mind. You can raise your hand to bring up a targeting reticule on screen and lock on to enemies simply by moving your hand-controlled reticule over them. Once locked on to multiple enemies, swatting your hand unleashes a swarm of lasers to take out your targets.

You have another weapon in your arsenal, a vulcan cannon, which fires much like a machine gun and is also aimed by moving your hand. Switching weapons is as simple as clapping your hands. Literally. Clapping changes between the two weapons. There's also a bomb attack which you can activate by raising your arms.

Watching someone play "Child of Eden" is remarkable. It looks like one of those fake VR games from "Lawnmower Man," and yet no glove or helmet is required. And, you know, it actually exists, which is nice.

That said, despite being visually thrilling, "Child of Eden" really is just "Rez" playing from a first-person perspective with motion controls. The E3 demo didn't feature anything remarkably innovative, something I expect from Q Entertainment. Here's hoping there's more to "Child of Eden" than an on-rails shooter with insane visuals. Right now it's a super pretty action game with a slick techno soundtrack, but not much more than that.