3DS Getting Remakes Of NES And SNES Titles

3DS remakes

"Star Fox" and "PilotWings" will get updated releases for Nintendo's new 3DS system, but Nintendo may not have explained the full scope of their remake plans during their E3 media event. "PilotWings Resort" looks like a new game altogether, but "Star Fox 64 3D" may come accompanied by reworked existing games like "Mega Man 2" and "Castelvania."

Nintendo doesn't want you to think of their upcoming releases as remakes per se, but they will be coming to the 3DS in some form, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who spoke to Kotaku. Fils-Aime reportedly emphasized that Nintendo would do more than port these classic titles, working in unspecified new features to take advantage of the handheld system's 3-D display.

"Punch-Out" in particular stood out as a game I'd like to see in person receiving this mysterious treatment. I'm a little skeptical of the experience Nintendo can deliver via 3-D'd side-scrollers, but I also haven't viewed a 3DS in person yet at all, so I'll reserve judgment. With vibrant enough colors and concepts that avoid distracting you from their core gameplay elements with the added depth dimension, these relaunches could be fun.

I do have one request, though, and that is that if this approach takes off, can we please get this remastering wand to touch "3-D WorldRunner"? I might buy a 3DS just for the privilege of playing it.

What 2-D games would you like to see ported to the 3DS? Do you think it sounds like a good strategy for Nintendo? Share your reactions in the comment section below.