'Call of Duty' MMO At The Top Of Activision's Wish List

Call of Duty MMO

With a Star Wars MMO and Fallout MMO incoming, who's to stand in the way of the Call of Duty franchise if it wants to jump in for a piece of the action as well? Activision CEO Bobby Kotick thinks such a project sounds great and said that if he could make one thing happen right away at his company, he would use his wish to MMO-ify CoD with a paid subscription service.

"I would have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow," Kotick told The Wall Street Journal. "When you think about what the audience's interests are and how you could really satisfy bigger audiences with more inspired, creative opportunities, I would love to see us have an online Call of Duty world. I think our players would just have so much of a more compelling experience."

Moreover, he believes his customers want a paid subscription service for their CoD experience.

"I think our audiences are clamouring for it," he explained. "If you look at what they're playing on Xbox Live today, we've had 1.7bn hours of multiplayer play on Live. I think we could do a lot more to really satisfy the interests of the customers."

It depends on what kind of game Activision were to put together, but I'm pretty content with my "Modern Warfare 2" online multiplayer privileges coming free with my Xbox Live Gold account. What Kotick's talking about sounds like it would have to encompass a large-scale world war, though, and that could be something interesting to toy around with.

Would you like to see a Actvision develop a subscription model for CoD? What would it take to get you to subscribe? Share your reactions in the comment section below.