Arad's 3-D Pac-Man TV Series To Explore Racism?

Pac-Man TV series

Marvel movie producer Avi Arad arrived as promised at Pac-Man's E3 birthday party. The secret project he was slated to announce turned out to be a Pac-Man TV series, and attendees got see a 3-D taste of what the man behind the "X-Men" and "Spider-Man" films wants to do with Namco's famous yellow chomper. It turns out that he may want to leverage the pie-chart-shaped hero to address some serious topics.

"We feel we have a unique opportunity to have an action adventure, human interest story," Arad said at E3, according to Variety. "As a filmmaker, it's a unique opportunity to get to know the characters you play."

The way Arad explained things, Pac-Man could be used to tackle real-world issues about society and color.

"We don't know what happened to Pac-Man's parents," Arad stated. "He's the only yellow one in Pac-Land; what does that mean? Is it a social statement? We'll find out."

Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde, who played the roles of Pac-Man's ghost enemies in the arcade game, will now shift purposes. The report says that they will instead get a helping hand from the title character as he tries to defend his homeland from other ghosts.

It's hard to assail a man with the accomplishments and credentials that Avi Arad carries, especially using established properties. Maybe Pac-Man the 3-D TV series will become the new "Degrassi" of our generation, though. You never know.

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