Nintendo 3DS Reviving 'Kid Icarus,' 'Star Fox' And 'PilotWings'

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo pulled away the curtains from its portable 3DS platform at E3 today, and in addition to announcing support for 3-D movies and a long lineup of third-party developers, they also began rolling out names of classic in-house franchises coming to the device. "Kid Icarus," "StarFox" and "PilotWings" will all be among them.

The full rundown of Nintendo-made titles includes "Animal Crossing," "Kid Icarus: Uprising," "Mario Kart," "Nintendogs + Cats," "Paper Mario," "Pilotwings Resort," "Star Fox 64 3D," and "Steel Diver," according to a list published on Kotaku.

They'll be accompanied by a heft roll-out of third-party game like "DJ Hero 3D," "Resident Evil: Revelations," "Super Street Fighter 4 3D" and a Metal Gear Solid title from Konami and Hideo Kojima.

Software-wise "Star Fox" was the one franchise above all others I wanted to see announced with the 3DS, and my heart sank just a bit when the only encouraging hint I got from Nintendo's E3 media event involved a tiny ship flying out of 3DS with a pile of coins and shells.

Seeing as how the most recent talk of a Kid Icarus game I'd heard involved a hypothetical release for the Wii, Nintendo scored some bonus points with me by pulling that one out of their pocket.

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