'EA Sports Active 2' Joins The Kinect Fitness Lineup

EA Sports Active 2

Ever since Microsoft made their Kinect announcement on Sunday, fitness games have been popping up out of the ground like the living dead. Just today, Ubisoft broke out "Your Shape: Fitness Evolved" at Microsoft's E3 media event, and even Spice Girl Mel B has a game coming out. "EA Sports Active 2" is somewhat of a known quantity, however, even if it only because official for Kinect today.

"Delivering 'EA Sports Active 2' on Kinect for Xbox 360 is a natural fit for fitness and the ability to track full body movement will create a fluid workout experience that delivers real results," EA Sports senior vice president of worldwide developement Andrew Wilson said in a press release. "It is the perfect complement to our EA Sports Active suite of fitness products and is indicative of our commitment to deliver new experiences for new audiences. We're excited to expand on the top rated fitness franchise on the market."

EA's details on their Kinect offering tell of "seamless workout experiences" that will be made possible by the device's camera and body movement tracking that doesn't require users to attach sensors to their bodies. Voice and gesture commands will also be used in the 360 edition of "Active 2," thus saving you the time and exhaustion of reaching for a controller while you're focused on feeling the burn.

How many fitness games do you plan on buying with your Kinect set? Do you think you'll buy a Kinect set? Sound off in the comment section below.