'Modern Warfare 2' 'Resurgence Pack' Hitting PS3 And PC In July

Modern Warfare 2

Hey, remember that fancy new map pack that just came out for "Modern Warfare 2" on Xbox 360? Didn't it bug you that your platform of choice got bupkiss while those Microsoft fans were crawling greedily over their new content? Well, you'll be happy to know that your angry hand-wringing will come to an end on July 6th, when the "Resurgence Pack" drops on PS3 and PC.

Selling for $15, the pack adds five maps to "Modern Warfare 2":


This wide-open map set around an oil refinery is one of the largest yet seen in "Modern Warfare 2." Separated between two main buildings, the design encourages a focus on rooftop sniping, as well as window-to-window combat.

Trailer Park

Much smaller and more cramped than Fuel, Trailer Park takes place in and around a variety of motor homes and picnic tables. The tightly spaced lots mean numerous corridors and choke points, so if you're lacking in quick reflexes, you're going to have some trouble here.


The only thing scarier than clowns? Nothing. But guys with guns is a close second. Carnival takes place on abandoned fairgrounds, with rides and attractions left to rust. The map is broken up into themed areas ranging from the futuristic to the medieval, and players can use obvious landmarks such as castles and rocket ships to coordinate their efforts.


Returning from the original "Modern Warfare," Strike features a Mideast setting and some reasonably frantic urban combat. Small changes were made to some of the buildings in Strike, requiring new tactics for success.


Set in an abandoned Russian office complex, Vacant is the second returning map. Its popularity peaked during the original "Modern Warfare" beta, so its return should be appreciated by many. The developers made some tweaks to the layout of the map, though, so players should take it slow the first time through.