Microsoft Following Sony and Nintendo Into 3-D 'Soon'


Sony will carry the bulk of the industry 3-D console buzz into E3 next week, and Nintendo with do the same for portable gaming with its 3DS. Microsoft has been fairly quiet on the subject, however, focusing mainly on their Project Natal unveiling. They may join the pack sooner rather than later, though, if a report out of the U.K is true.

"Microsoft are going to be making an announcement about it at some point soon," Blitz Games Studios co-founder Andrew Oliver said at a Westminster eForum event in London, according to Develop. He also indicated that the 360 is already equipped for 3-D displays; it just needs an update.

"Our game did come out in 3-D on the Xbox 360, so 3-D is possible, even through an HDMI 1.2 cable," Oliver explained. "Ubisoft created Avatar, which includes a mode for 3-D on a 3-D TV. It is just a case of adding a mode into the options menu, so there's no need for two different products."

Meanwhile, Sony will have a head start on the 360 beginning today with "WipEout HD," "Super Stardust HD," "PAIN," and the "MotorStorm Pacific Rift" demo all going 3-D as of today in conjunction with the launch of Sony Electronics' 3-D-ready Bravia HDTVs.

Are there any games available that you would like to see get the 3-D treatment? Who do you think will have the best 3-D presentation when E3 concludes? Share your predictions in the comment section below.

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