New Resident Evil Game To Coincide With 'Afterlife' Movie?

Resident Evil 5

When "Resident Evil: Afterlife" extends its film franchise by one more installment later this year, Capcom wants to make sure they're paying all due attention to the games that breathed life into their property in the first place. Even if Jun Takeuchi won't be there to oversee their next game, the gears sound like they may be turning behind the scenes to assemble "Resident Evil 6" or something similar.

"The 3D movie 'Resident Evil IV Afterlife' starring Milla Jovovich is scheduled to hit theaters on September 10," Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in a Japanese interview with Nikkei BP, according to a translation on Andriasang. Timed with the movie's release, we'd like to do something to heat up the game series."

The skeptic in me says, "Oh, well you have three months to announce something, build up the hype, and get it out there by the time the movie hits," so I'm guessing this isn't going to be "Resident Evil 6." In fact, if Capcom doesn't pull off a major RE E3 surprise next week, I'll probably put money down that he's talking about an iPad release or another ancillary non-6 title.

A major announcement with some big assets this summer and a release further down the road could "heat up the games series," though. Capcom has options.

Would you like to see "Resident Evil 6" announced this summer? What do you think Tsujimoto was teasing? Share your guesses in the comment section below.