'Fable 3' Has A Captain And Secrets

Fable 3 Captain

When "Fable 3" arrives at E3, attendees are going to have quite a few questions, like what co-op impregnation is like and what Sir Ben Kingsley's character gets to do as the King of Mist Peak. They're also going to want to know who this Captain fellow is that showed up in a new screenshot.

"This Captain, whose name we won't reveal just yet, is a pretty angry man with a fierce smoking habit and wet boots," someone from the "Fable 3" team wrote on the game's Facebook page.

Pictures seem like the safest thing for Lionhead Studios team to be posting on their social media accounts this week, as they appear to have inadvertently triggered some panic attacks with their sarcastic assertion that they wouldn't be showing anything at E3. They had to clarify that tone one post later.

As for this Captain, he seems to have some nice Bill Goldberg-style tattoos on his arms and be physically fit enough to run despite his smoking habit. You have to give him props for that. Pirates have shown up in "Fable 3" pictures before, so he isn't a huge surprise in and of himself. Still, it's nice to meet some new faces.

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