Just How Much Did Green Day Do For 'Green Day: Rock Band'?

Green Day Rock Band

Since the guys in Green Day aren't huge gamers, it makes you wonder just how much involvement they had in the making of "Green Day: Rock Band." According to Chris Foster, the project lead on the game, quite a lot. We spoke to Foster recently about what the band brought to the table.

"The band was involved throughout the project," Foster explained. "At the beginning we would brainstorm ideas for venues with them, talk about the set list and then we proposed our set list and they gave us tweaks on that. And then they would review the game along the way at different points."

The other man focus of the band was accuracy and making sure the game was true to the history of the band. This included Many of their contributions were focused on making sure everything was as accurate as possible:

"In addition to getting us key resources, they had their tattoos photographed for us, they had their instruments photographed for us. They signed off on all the archival material they did, all the photos and cool unreleased videos that we were able to get into the game. They gave us feedback to make sure we got the number of drums right on a drum set or that Jason White was represented well inside of the archival materials, that the drunk pink bunny actually shows up in the game. That we captured their attitude and sense of humor throughout. They were important in guiding us to the right things."

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